Accelerate your path to changing the world.

BETA Camp is a six-week summer program for young leaders who want to learn how to solve the world's most pressing problems and get real-world experience today.

Through the process of building a revenue-generating startup, teens learn to work in teams, solve complex problems, fail and pivot, and make decisions embracing the uncertainty of the real world where there are no right answers - skills that traditional schools are not teaching.

Build a Real Business

"Other tech and business programs for high school students I have participated in have been theoretical. I never was able to put any of the plans into action. I appreciate that BETA Camp is aimed to help ALL teams develop and launch a real business!" - Michelle Hong

Deep Learnings

"BETA Camp was much more extensive than any other summer program for high school students as it did not only scratch the surface of business topics, many of our sessions delved very deep into them, which were great learning opportunities for me." - Borna Shani

Applicable to all Career Fields

"BETA Camp makes learning virtually so interactive! I'd recommend it to every high school student even if they aren't interested in Business, Entrepreneurship, or Tech because what you are learning can be applied to all career fields." - Zemra Lena

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